The programme offers pre- and post-conference workshops, plenary lectures, workshop sessions, a rewarded documentary film, and voices from the margins.

In this project we let a member of the organising committee co-operate with others who have a strong connection with people whose voices are silenced, consciously, or most often, as part of ongoing Foulcauldian power/knowledge dynamics. These dynamics generate a perceived centre, where a-personal discourses become self-evident, and aren’t noticed anymore. Because of this people are actively marginalised.
Instead of theoretically deconstructing those power-dynamics, we hope to defy them, by offering silenced voices a public and a public space.
We give a voice in order to ‘marginalise’ the perceived centre.

For this conference, Mila Van Goethem will write and draw during lectures and workshops. The results will be shown in the break room. This way, everyone can see her impressions of the conference, and have a visual summary of the day so far.
In between lectures and workshops, Mila would like to invite visitors to tell her a story they would like to share. She will take note of these narratives and illustrate them as well.

Mila Van Goethem is a comic book artist who focusses on telling her own stories in a free and spontaneous way. She keeps a visual diary with drawings on her Instagrampage (@mila.vangoethem).



Wednesday 3 July 2019 

Preconference Workshops: 

 09:30 – 16:30  Glenda Fredman Journeying through stories of personal & professional identityA practical workshop for working in therapy, supervision & self-reflection

 09:30 – 16:30  Jim Duvall Brief narrative practices. Short stories for single-session and short term services.

Thursday 4 July 2019

Conference day 1

 08:45   Welcome with coffee and tea

 09:15   Introduction: dreams and hopes…

 09:30   Keynote Jim Duvall ‘Innovations in narrative therapy. Connecting practice training and research’

 10:10   Voices from the margins Kris hazenbosch & Tomas Van Reybrouck ‘Meeting parents of children who struggle with addiction

 10:40   Coffee and tea break

 11:00   Workshop sessions 1

 12:00   Workshop sessions 2

 13:00   Lunch

 14:00   Voices from the margins Jasmina Sermijn & Robert van Hennik ‘Closer to you. A polyphony of voices around the effects of psychiatric diagnoses’

 14:40   Workshop sessions 3

 15:40   Coffee and tea break

 16:00   Keynote Sabine Vermeire ‘No child is an island: from detachment narratives towards a sense of belonging’

 16:45   Voices from the margins Danny Keuppens & Sabine Vermeire ‘A vote of (no) confidence. Voicing the resistance and solidarity of teenage girls who escaped from contexts of organized teenage prostitution’ – a theater play

 17:30   Reception

 18:30    Interview Poh Lin Lee and movie screening ‘Island of the hungry ghosts’

Friday 5 July 2019

Conference day 2

 08:45   Welcome with coffee and tea

 09:15   Introduction: dreams and hopes…

 09:30   Voices from the margins Thomas Fondelli & Luc Van den Berge ‘What about autism?’

 10:00   Keynote Glenda Fredman ‘Journeying through stories of personal and professional identity’ 

 10:40   Coffee and tea break

 11:00   Workshop sessions 1

 12:00   Workshop sessions 2

 13:00   Lunch

 14:00   Workshop sessions 3 #Playfulness/#Creativity/#Improvisation/#Performativity…#Narratives in action!

 15:00   Workshop sessions 4

 16:00   Coffee and tea break

 16:20   Voices from the margins Indra Bimmel & Jessica Willems  ‘Mentally challenged people building bridges’

 16:50   Keynote Robert van Hennik ‘You don’t need the weatherman to know which way the wind blows (B. Dylan)’ 

 17:30   Music/theatre

 17:30   Closing with an inspiring message from Hugh Fox

 18:00   Drinks on the house and music bar

Saturday 6 July 2019

Post conference workshops

 9:30 – 12:30  Mark Hayward ‘An invitation to a renewed creative and critical engagement with the ideas and skills of Michael White’

 9:30 – 12:30  Poh Lin Lee ‘When migration is forced: Engaging the migration of identity in contexts of uncertainty’


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The following accreditations are for the people from the Netherlands:

NVRG: Pre conference 3 July (ID number: 352746) 6 points
NVRG: Only two days conference 4 and 5 July as a whole (ID number: 354171) 12 points

NIP KJ/ NVO: Pre conference 3 July (ID number: 352746)
NIP KJ/ NVO: Only two days conference 4 and 5 July as a whole (ID number: 354171)

SKJ: Pre conference 3 July ( ID nummer: SKJ203388) 6 points 
SKJ : Conference only 4 and 5 July as a whole (ID nummer: SKJ203410) 12 points