Rachel Marfleet, Clinical Psychologist (London)

Collective Narrative Practice: Sharing Photos to tell a story about what is important to us

If you want to print this document: Download it here

  1. Share a recent photo (for example, one of the last 5 photos on your phone)
  2. Share the story of this photo – rich description!!
    • When was it taken?
    • Who was there?
    • Where were you?
    • How/What were you feeling/thinking at this time?
    • Why did you take this photo?
  3. Why did you choose to share this photo?
    • What do you like about it?
    • What pleases you to look at this photo and to share it?
  4. Values
    • Does this connect with something of importance to you in your life?
    • Does this connect to something of importance to you in your work?
    • What is the history of this value…?
  5. Connections
    • Who else might know about the importance of this value?
    • Who might be least surprised to know of it’s importance to you?
    • If we could look at you through that person’s eyes what do you imagine they would appreciate about you? Why do you say this?
  6. Into the present and the possible
    • If you continue to see this version of you, and make it more significant in your life, how might it help when faced with challenges (personal or professional)?
    • How might this conversation contribute to further developments in your practice?
    • How will you stay connected to this value (despite the current context/ challenge of Covid-19)
    • What other photos might you be looking to take? Why?

Outsider Witness Practice:

  1. What stood out for you? Choose specific words
  2. What Image did this bring to mind?
  3. Why has this resonated for you?
  4. Where has this taken you to – what might you be more connected to now?

Checking for further connections

Check back with the person sharing their photo – what has it been like for them to hear the OWP, what has it been like to take part, what might this make more possible/more possible to know?