Saturday 6 july 2019

Mark Hayward

In this workshop numerous videos of Michael White (from the recently explored Michael White Video Archives) telling stories of practice will be watched and analysed critically. Through his story-telling skills, his practice dilemmas and his narrative interviewing skills we will learn:

  1. How to use externalising conversations playfully
  2. How to use The Statement of Position Map 1 with children who choose silence.
  3. What to do when parents are bad-mouthing their child in the child’s presence.
  4. Creative ways to employ outsider witnesses
  5. How to work with couples without encouraging mediation, compromise or the couple “working at their relationship”
  6. Ways to address self-doubt, self-hate, BPD, cutting and trauma.


Videos will be stopped at points and creative and critical engagement with the ideas and skills encouraged.