Friday 5 July 2019

Jessica Willems & Indra Bimmel

Mentally challenged people build bridges by sharing their expert knowledge.

Anderson said: “I never met a not smart person”. We didn’t ‘t either. Working with people, who observe, and reflect on the world around them in their own particular way, are able to show us their own knowledge. Their experiences with other people, society, difficulties in life and how they respond to them is very rich and useful for the real interested and good listener.

Mentally challenged people and the people around them (important others or caregivers) often experience difficulties in really understanding each other. Despite of all good intentions they can get tangled in a pattern where their voices of strength and wisdom are silenced. A pattern of aboutness speaking, instead of witness speaking, with a risk of loss of connection and control as a result. In this project we show you some portraits of people who are telling us in their own unique way how they respond to difficulties in life; how they build their bridges in life together with their important others.