Mentally challenged people building bridges

Anderson said: “I never met a not smart person”. We didn’t either.

Working with mentally challenged people, who observe, and reflect on the world around them in their own particular way, teaches us a lot about their specific knowledge of life. Their knowledges and values are often overlooked due to communication difficulties. Dominant discourses seem to decide what’s good for them. Their experiences with other people, society, difficulties in life and the ways they respond to them are very rich and useful for the really interested and good listener.

In this project we show you the story of a mentally challenged person, born with the Prader-Willi syndrome, who shares with us how he built bridges in life. This in order to proceed and to find his way to deal with his big problem, ‘Eat Monster’, together with his important others. We share this process and the useful implications we discovered.

Mentally challenged people might become teachers in surfing the waves of life. And the question, we maybe have to answer at the end, could become: who is the mentally challenged person actually?