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4 July 2019session 1
workshop 1William Madsen Part 1Bringing Narrative into the “Real World” of Public Sector Practice
workshop 2Andrea LazarExpanding ways of Using Definitional Ceremonies with Families Struggling with the Influences of Trauma
workshop 3Carlos A. Chimpén LópezNarrative conversations with young people living in Judicial Homes who use violence against parents
workshop 4Daria KutuzovaThe Imaginary Sanatorium of Antidepression
workshop 5Anne-Sophie Vernhes Re-inventing the future of French medicine with young doctors and narrative approach
workshop 6Karin TaverniersDeconstructing ‘Couple’ Relationships
workshop 7Bruno Hillewaere & Marco VisserPsychomotor family therapy - How a narrative-experiental way of working with families enriches new family stories
4 July 2019session 2
workshop 1William Madsen Part 2Bringing Narrative into the “Real World” of Public Sector Practice
workshop 2Marie-Nathalie BeaudoinEnriching narrative therapy with positive psychology and neurobiology: Concrete clinical practices to intensify experiences of preferred selves
workshop 3Kristel KuppensWorking with violence in families: The clearing of new paths by creating stories.
workshop 4Heleni Andreadi‘When I look at you, I don’t see your illness, I see YOU!’: Using Narrative approaches to re-author the lives and relationships of couples affected by severe mental health difficulties.
workshop 5Kaat Verhaeghe & Skrallan De MaeyerA postmodern perspective inspiring the Bachelor program in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)
workshop 6Jacqueline Françoise Sigg CarreroResponding to violence: Coloring therapeutic possibilities in the territories of justice, dignity, and art
workshop 7Ovidiu Gavrilovici & Aliona DronicIs there something of merit in the “rites of passage experiences”?
4 July 2019session 3
workshop 1Justine van LawickFrom demonising stories of divorced parents to stories in which children can live
workshop 2Els WoutersTrauma and group – is a match?
workshop 3Mauricio P. YabarMinor-Attracted Persons Have Alternative Stories, Too
workshop 4Nawal AboulhosnHelping youth in the Juvenile system turn the page
workshop 5Sara Portnoy, James McParland and Mieke Van Daele Crossing Border, Linking lives through collective song writing
workshop 6Birgit BongaertsRediscovering meaningfulness: a challenge for caregivers and the nursed alike
workshop 7
5 July 2019session 1
workshop 1Stephen Madigan Part 1Narrative Therapy Informed Relational Interviewing with Conflicted Couple Relationships
workshop 2Mark Hayward Part 1Michael White on Power, Foucault and the implications for therapeutic practice.
workshop 3Kris DecraemerExpanding Narrative Exposure Therapy: reconnecting traumatized clients with their community.
workshop 4Monica WhyteMy Nest is Full: Subaltern narratives of families living with or recovering from addiction
workshop 5Deanne DaleDecentred and Influential positioning in the teaching of Narrative and Social Justice approaches to therapy
workshop 6Adam CharvatisGood practices for the Children of the World: Narrative Support and Collaboration Group for Parents of Adolescents with special needs
workshop 7Mònica Florensa-Biescas & Mariangels Ferrer-DuchOn-Line Narrative Supervision Group TTT: PracTice, PracTice, PracTice
5 July 2019session 2
workshop 1Stephen Madigan Part 2Narrative Therapy Informed Relational Interviewing with Conflicted Couple Relationships
workshop 2Mark Hayward Part 2Michael White on Power, Foucault and the implications for therapeutic practice.
workshop 3Ellen CornfeldQuantum Leaps from the Safe Space- an ‘intensive’ family gathering in response to childhood sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish world
workshop 4Suzy MacKechnie Moving beyond ‘diagnosis and treatment’ towards ‘pain as testimony and purposive action in unjust circumstances’ when working with Children and Adolescents.
workshop 5Daria Krayukhina, Irina Kutilina (with Daria Kutuzova)Narrative practice as a basis for support groups for people affected by rheumatoid diseases
workshop 6Jan Olthof The metaphor of football in narrative therapy: Johan Cruijff and the charm of complexity
workshop 7Ricardo Ramos & Ramón CarrilloBetween fate and freedom: story, conversation and event
5 July 2019session 3#Playfulness/#Creativity/#Improvisation/#Performativity… #Narratives in action!
workshop 1Annelies Huybrechts & Steve BuaTrenziria: world's#1 awesome worldtrip. Conversations with people from different cultural backgrounds or in the context of migration
workshop 2Kris hazenboschSoundtracks
workshop 3Sabine VermeireGenograms and timelines at the kitchen table: a journey through past, present and future with tea, sugar cubes and coffee spoons
workshop 4Sylvia LondonThe wisdom of communities
workshop 5Robert van Hennik & Luc Van den BergeLuc and Robert Dance
workshop 6Katrien KintaertDeveloping narrative spaces of inversion and transition in collaboration with animals
workshop 7Ion DronicSoftware toolkit for narrative practitioners.
5 July 2019session 4
workshop 1Willem Beckers“A life worth living”: working together with parents of ‘hidden’ adult children
workshop 2Yael Gershoni & Tali Gogol OstrowskyHelpful memories -reactivating precious moments to help deal with trauma
workshop 3Joanne MurraySick of not being listened to
workshop 4Paul CastelijnsThe ValueSpectrumScan: an innovative dialogical survey tool
workshop 5Merve Koca & Busra YaziciNarrative Therapy Practices with Turkish Youth
workshop 6Maggie SlaskaTrauma-Talk and Collective Activism
workshop 7David NylundLetter writing practices in Narrative Therapy