Justice-Doing & Believed-in-Hope: Our collective resistance to hate-filled politics 

Vikki Reynolds PhD RCC

How do we position ourselves in useful and meaningful ways with a spirit of Justice-Doing and shouldered up in solidarity with folx who share our collective ethics? How do we hold onto and engender a believed-in-hope amidst the oppressive structures and necro politics people are suffering from? Vikki will address how a Supervision of Solidarity and an ethic of Justice-Doing offer a place to stand as a frame for our collective community work and therapy. This work is informed by an intention for de-colonizing and justice-doing practice. Vikki will consider the intersections, tensions and affinities between community work practice and social justice activism while working in contexts of oppression and suffering, and weave our collective resistance to oppression and structural abandonment together with social movements. We will acknowledge the cruelty of mean and hate-filled politics, and the suffering of “messed with human beings” alongside luminous stories of everyday resistance with threads of “immeasurable outcomes” of our work alongside persons struggling to keep a finger hold on dignity. We will be invited to reflect on our own stances for ethical practice, and puzzle our intentions of “walking our talk”, opening up our collective work to a hopeful skepticism that questions the ethics alive in our practice.

“Community Conversations” A solidarity approach to social, political and ecological well being

Sylvia London

“Community Conversations” is a practice inspired in Integrative Community Therapy, a community practice developed 30 years ago by Adalberto and Airto Barreto in the favelas of Brazil. Based on systems theory, communication principles, cultural anthropology and the Pedagogy of Pablo Freire, this practice has a significant impact in the transformation of social, community, mental health and educational services throughout Brasil. It’s impact has reached a number of countries around the world and it has been a significant topic in Social Psychiatry. From individual stories and personal experiences, ”Community Conversations” offers an innovative methodology to access collective resources and wisdom in order to create a sense of agency and community belonging .
This plenary presents the theoretical principles that guide the practice and invites participants to experience a “Community Therapy Round” in action. Conversations and reflection after the “live experience” will provide participants an opportunity to reflect upon the relationship with social, ecological and political issues in current times.